GameMaster Application Format.

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GameMaster Application Format.

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GameMaster Application Format

After being denied, you must wait a MINIMUM OF 2 WEEKS BEFORE APPLYING AGAIN!

Minimum Requirements:
1. Must be a member in-game for at least 1 months and have 30 posts on the forums.

2. You must be known by both the Staff and the community.
MUST no exceptions.
3. You have to understand English and speak it fluently.
Knowing other languages can help too.

4. You must have Knowledge and Experience about the game.

5. Must be active in game and the forum.

You must use this application format or your application will get denied.
Posting your application link anywhere, especially the chatbox, will get your application instantly denied.

««««« Official OmegaGunZ GameMaster Application Format »»»»»

Real Name:

In-Game Name:


Time zone:

Language(s) Spoken fluently:


Activity(In hours): Please be specific.


Some Background Questions - Main Part of Application

How long have you played on OmegaGunZ?

Have you ever been banned or muted on OmegaGunZ?

What interests you most about the GM position?

As Staff, we are required to speak in a professional, well mannered and positive way. Would this be a problem for you?

What makes you better and more qualified for this position than others?

How is your relationship with the staff team?

Are there any Staff members that would support your application for this position? They must later on confirm that they support you.

Do you have any previous experience being a GameMaster?

As a GameMaster, what would you do for the community?

Situational Questions - Secondary Application

Some player asks you to disconnect another user, but they are in clan war against them. He/She claims they are hacking. What would you respond with and what would your actions be?

Some player is harassing another user through PM. He/She asks you to mute and disconnect them because they are bothering them. What would you respond with and what would your actions be?

You find two users arguing in a room or the lobby. How are you going to stop and prevent the arguing from happening?

You enter a room that is private and you find 1 person hacking and the second person asking where to download the hacks. As you are watching, he gives him the website and they continue talking about it. Obviously, you ban the person using the hacks, but what would you do about the other person?

You see another GameMaster arguing with a member of the community. What actions do you take against each person?

Contact Information:


Please answer all the above questions thoroughly and thoughtfully or we won't consider your application.


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