Forum Moderator Application Format.

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Forum Moderator Application Format.

Post  Admin on Sun Oct 17, 2010 5:55 pm

Forum Moderator Applications

Application Guidelines (Read Carefully)
• You’re required to have over 40 posts. Don’t PM us asking if we’ll drop the amount because it won’t happen.
• You’re required to have English Coherency above 90%.
• No active infractions.
• If you have recently been banned, you are NOT allowed to post an application until 2 weeks later.
• You’re required to have at least two months registered on the forum unless approved by the super moderators otherwise
• Creating signatures or avatars meant to campaign will get your application denied.
•Jumping the gun and trying to enforce the rules when your application isn’t accepted won’t increase your chances of becoming a forum moderator.

Expectations Of The Applicants
• Once filling out an application you’re required to remain active on the forums.
• If you’re going to be absent and your application is still pending. Post in the application letting us know.
• Don’t think that getting your application denied will disregard the two week gracing period in order to submit an application for another position is allowed.

Application Format

• Age:

• English Coherency:

• What interests you most about the forum moderator position?

• Briefly outline the contributions you already make to the SG Community and any positive additions you could make to the community if you became a forum moderator.

• Are you willing to spend 1-2 hours necessary to perform moderator duties?

• How well is your knowledge when it comes to the rules? (Please submit the rules in your own words, no half-assed answers please.)

• Why do you want to become a forum moderator?

• Do you have a good relationship with the forum moderator team?

• Are you able to work as a team?


Please answer all the above questions thoroughly and thoughtfully or we won't consider your applicati


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