Developer + GFX Application Format.

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Developer + GFX Application Format.

Post  Admin on Sun Oct 17, 2010 5:54 pm

Developer + GFX Application Format.

Dear OmegaGunZ users,

When you would like to apply to get the Developer status at OmegaGunZ, you should be following the following form to get under considuration. If you won't follow this application format you will get auto. denied.

Thank you for your help, and good luck.


Full name:



-/+ GMT:

Languages that you acquire:

Able to use the following programs:

Time dedicated to developing or gfxing each day:

Experience as a developer or GFX:

Work already released:

New work for OmegaGunZ:

E-mail Adress:

Proffesional behavior :

Why should we hire you:

Fluent English:

Anything else:


Thank you for applying, The whole SG staff will support you in any way, good luck!!

Yours OmegaGunZ Staff Team.


Please answer all the above questions thoroughly and thoughtfully or we won't consider your applicati


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